Seaton Ross parish is bounded to the west by the Foss Dyke – built by the Anglo-Saxons – and to the east by the River Foulness (pronounced Foona) and Everingham Carr.

These pages introduce a variety of places in and around Seaton Ross, starting with Farms which introduces the farms of the parish inside and outside the village boundaries.

Mills then presents a series of historical photos of the two mills for which Seaton Ross is known.

Church and Chapels offers a detailed look at the history of St. Edmund’s Church written by Rev Charles Stapleton.

Street by street then walks along each of the Seaton Ross streets as they would have been in 1920 including many photographs of the houses that date mostly from the previous century and would have been present then. Many are still intact today.

Routes and Roads offers a number of pages looking at the roadways – main and minor – and routes through Seaton Ross from1771 onwards.

Finally, Maps presents the available early maps of the village and parish.

Please note that on all these pages, clicking on any image allows you to scroll through them all as a gallery.

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