1851 Land ownership

All landowners had to pay tithes towards the upkeep of the church. To ensure this was done correctly, a tithe map was prepared to record and identify the acreages that each landowner owned. Hence the tithe due could be calculated and collected.

A map was produced in Seaton Ross in 1851 which revealed the land owners:

Map reproduced courtesy of Borthwick Archives, University of York. CLICK on map to enlarge.

The Pocklington History Society also analysed this producing a map and accompanying table.

We have redrawn this map over an 1851 O/S map for greater clarity of who owned what. All the uncoloured areas in the parish are owned by the Constable Maxwell family of Everingham. Other areas are coloured coded by owner.

Land owners on white background. Farmer and farms in italics. – Drawn over 1950s O/S map, reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland. CLICK on the map to enlarge.

The Table (right) shows the acreages and percentages of the parish owned by each landowner. The Constable Maxwell family own over 80% of the parish.

Further, the only farmers actually farming their own land were William Rook, Richard and Thomas Ibbotson, Charles Watson, Margaret Harper, John Walker, John Rudd and Robert Cook. A total of 56 acres or 1.6% of the parish.

Data re-used with permission of the late John Nottingham of the Pocklington History Society. CLICK on the table to enlarge.

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