Street by Street

This section looks at the houses that were in the village just after the first world war (1914-18). Today the village is very long – about a mile from N to S – and ‘thin’. At that time it was also very sparse and the houses were spread out. The maps below give a feeling of this.

The black circles are the houses that were build before 1920 – many a century before. The white and grey circles are similar houses that are no longer standing. The squares are church, chapel and hall. Finally, the orange circles are the houses built since 1920.

In 1820 there were 80 houses in the parish, 66 in the village; By 1920 this had grown to 88 and 68 respectively but after that new building started – slowly at first, but more rapidly in the later years of the 20th century – so that, by 2020, there were around 230 houses in the village (depending on how you count linked cottages).

Despite this, the population today is the same as it was in 1851 but with a third the number of people per household! More details can be found on the pages looking specifically at population and census data.


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