Seaton Ross Feast – A Century Ago

Monday & Tuesday 3rd and 4th July 1905

The following article is from the Howdenshire Chronicle & Pocklington Weekly News of Saturday 8th July 1905 reporting on the above. It would seem to have been a real highlight in the Seaton Ross calendar and I thought would be appropriate to reproduce the article as an insight into village life at the Seaton Ross Feast and Sports exactly one hundred years ago: –

“Glorious weather favoured the annual feast and sports held in Mr. Howden’s field, kindly lent for the occasion on Monday and Tuesday last. There was a large attendance of visitors from all parts of the neighbourhood, who, by the kind hospitality of the committee and the villagers generally, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Mrs. Preston and Mrs. Howden entertained a particularly large number of friends and their kindness was much appreciated. Market Weighton Town Brass Band, under the conductorship of Bandmaster Legge, enlivened the proceed at intervals. Professor Goodge, the ventriloquist, was also present, and both gave general satisfaction.

The most notable fact at the sports was the fine running of Mr. Harwood. of Kilnwick Percy, who carried of the 120 yards and the half-mile flat races in good style. The officials (Messrs Howden, C. Preston, and L Chapman) discharged their duties admirably. The following are the results: –

120 Yards Handicap, First Heat, I J Hall 14yds, 2 F Godson 16yds. Second beat. I F Harwood 15 yds, 2 J Appleton 22 yds. Third heat, 1 Hi Walker 15 yds, 2 W Allison 17yds. Final, 1 Harwood, 2 Allison 3 Walker. Half-mile Bicycle Handicap – Final, 1 W Shirbon 10 yards, 2 W Ibbotson 125 yards, 3 A Johnson 90. 120 Yards Boys Race, not exceeding 14 years – First heat, I S Briggs 22 yds, 2 T Howden 22yds. Second heat, 1 C. Holroyd 22 yds, 2 P Pitts 18 yds. Final, 1 Oldroyd, 2 Briggs, 3 T Howden. Half-mile Handicap Flat Race – Final, 1, F Harwood 80 yds, 2 W Allison 90 yards, 3 G Holmes 60 yards.

On Tuesday evening a continuation of beautiful weather and the great interest aroused by the half mile Walking Handicap, the annual Married Women’s Race, end the Children’s Sports, brought together a large number of people.

There was e capital entry for the Walking Handicap of which the following eight started: – J. Blackburn Scratch, F. Turtle 4 yds, W. Ibbotson, 10 yds, J. Stennit 4yds, W. Eastwood, 12 yds. The Prizes were, first, watch value 15/- given by Mr. 1W. Chapman, Black Horse, Monkgate, York. Second cask of ale value 6/- given by J J Hunt, Ebor brewery, York and Third cash 2/6 given by The Committee. The awards of the judges were as follows: – 1st Jos. Chapman, 2nd W Ibbotson. 3rd W. Walker. The fine appearance and graceful movements of Mr. F. Teale, as he glided round the course, while it did not secure a prize, evoked the applause and admiration of those present and certainly deserves recording here.

The event of the evening was the Married women’s race for which a pair of beautiful Carvers given by Messrs T end C Ross & Co., Hull were offered as a first prize, and a Teapot given by Mr P Watson, ironmonger, Selby, as a second prize.

The six ladies named came enthusiastically forward to run, and if possible obtain. Mrs. Alfred Cook, Mrs. Thomas Drakes, Mrs. John Falkingham, Mrs. Francis Lazenby, Mrs. Mattison and Mrs. Oddy Notwithstanding the many worries, cures, and duties of married life the fair competitors presented as fine appearance as any six single ladies, and were certainly in the pink of condition. The first prize was won by Mrs. Mattison; the second by Mrs. Lazenby, and the Third place of honour was secured by Mrs. Oddy. The race was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the Committee appreciate the pluck and courage of the above ladies in coming forward to compete. The remainder of the evening was most enjoyable spent in the carrying out of various juvenile sports very kindly and energetically promoted by Mr C Davison, whose efforts on behalf of the youngsters is untiring”.

Malcolm Young

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