Seaton Ross Feast

These pages mainly focus on the twentieth century and we present photos of Feasts and Shows, focusing on the famous Seaton Ross Feast and, later, Show and including some early Seaton Ross feast committees.

Celebrations looks at Jubilees and Coronations and other more locally-focused celebrations.

Gatherings includes village outings, the Greasy Pig competition, socials, Church Nativity, the end of the postal service, new year’s day walk and various other group gatherings.

There are then photos of School Groups at the National School in the village (now the Village Hall) which closed in1961.

Ladies Cricket Club

In Sports Teams,  we have photos of various Seaton Ross sports teams from the days when villages had their own football and cricket teams (mens and ladies).

Finally in Miscellany we bring together village photos – many of people – that don’t fit elsewhere.

Please note that on all these pages, clicking on any image allows you to scroll through them all as a gallery.

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