Outlying Buildings

To the north of Seaton Ross, on Lodges Lane (NW from Mill Lane) and the Pocklington Road (NE from Mill Lane) are a number of buildings that are not farms or mills.

Roads to the north of Mill Lane. but within Seaton Ross parish. OS six-inch 1888-1913. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

Starting with Lodges Lane, as we go NW from New Mill at the head of Mill Lane, we come to Lynwood House on our right – we don’t have any old photos of this. A little beyond on the left is the Brick Works with several cottages. This lies opposite Dial Farm which is described in the Farms section.

Farther up on our left is Eastwood House – previously known as Plantations but long demolished. Beyond this is Boundary Cottage on our left and then, at the boundary of the parish are the Lodges facing each other across the road.

Now going back to the top of Mill Lane and heading north east from New Mill up the Pocklington Road, we come first across The White House (recently demolished) and at the junction, Rytham Gate. On the Everingham Road to the right also stands Rytham Gate House.

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