Mills and Farms

Old Mill

Malcolm Young has written an excellent potted history of the five-sailed Old Mill for PAST TIMES [PT] and also one of the adjacent steam mill [PT].

Here are a collection of photos of the Old Mill – which is still standing, although without it’s sails. Some photos include the adjacent steam mill.

New Mill

Malcolm Young has also written a potted history of the four-sailed New Mill [PT]. Here are a collection of photos of the New Mill.


Prior to the first world war, there were less farms than today outside the village of Seaton Ross but within the parish of Seaton Ross. Within Seaton Ross village, and briefly discussed in the Street by Street pages, are/were Cross Farm, West House Farm, Chapel Farm, The Hollies, Mains Farm, Lane Farm, Green Farm and Rose Farm. Several other buildings had the name farm but were mostly smallholdings.

Outside the village from the North to the South, were Dial Farm, Breckstreet Farm, Fosses Farm, Park Farm, Seaton Old Hall, Grange Farm, Southend Farm, Seaton New Hall and Alberries. At this stage we only have historic photos of some of these:

Dial Farm

Breckstreet Farm

Fosses Farm

No historic photos

Park Farm

Seaton Old Hall

Grange Farm


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